“I always think that the best way to know God is to love many things.” ~ Vincent van Gogh

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Selene Grooms Herself

She washes her white patch of stomach,
then interrupts herself
to listen to a distant bird;

moves around and licks her long tail
and curving flank – bracing herself,
one paw held firm to the ground.

The other, stretched in the air,
balances her as she twists.
Such a serviceable body!

For no particular reason that I can see,
she raises the end of her tail
straight up at a right angle.

(In the photo, she looks up from washing her stomach. After that I was writing, not snapping.)

#awakeaugust day 31


  1. The way a feline body sometimes can do those things that seem to be just to say: "Yes, I can do it" without any other reason is so well described...

  2. Ah. We all know perfectly what you describe. There is a lovely moment to be enjoyed here. (And I don't even much like cats--extremely allergic!) k.


  3. Love cats, Rosemary, love your 'cat bath' poem here. Google finds two reasons for the tail lifting: (1) One of their very sensitive petting areas is the tip of that tail, i.e. get it up, I need petting(!!); and (2) this helps the scent gland release a stronger, volume wise, scent so as to invite you to exchange scents.
    Now we know. :)
    BTW, I identify with her bath, in the shower I do my morning or weekly shave, scratch my head vigorously with a brush, wiggle my toes, and act our other unique to me showering idiosyncrasies (one is to sing or yodel).
    Thank you for such a nice poem and pretty picture, I got too long with my comment. Sorry,

    1. Oh Jim, I LOVE your comment. I always love your comments; so thoughtful, informative, engaged and personal. I think you have a gift for friendship.

  4. Cat's habits are so artful. It is only proper for their washing up to grow into poetry. :-)

  5. I love to watch my cats. They are yoga spirits I should try and copy. (Well, in my limited manner. lol )


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