“I always think that the best way to know God is to love many things.” ~ Vincent van Gogh

Friday, August 12, 2016

Her Eyes Accuse

I’ve been out all day,
so she’s been in.
I arrive back home
in early evening cold.

She doesn't want food first.
She runs to the back door.
I let her into her courtyard garden.
She wants me to come too,
but I’m busy unloading shopping.

She sits, statuesque,
on top of her mini-trampoline
(yes of course it’s hers)
until dusk has fallen.

#awakeaugust day 12


  1. Ha, cats know their own mind!

  2. Everything is hers--your coming and going, your sit-upons!

  3. Love the mind of a cat.. I wonder sometimes if cats thrive on being watchers.

  4. I agree with Brudberg, cats survive by thinking things out, watching, learning and coping with the world...and being head of the household!

  5. Love the photo; you've certainly captured the fickle nature of our feline friends. Life seams to be an endless round of unpacking shopping.

  6. Amazing creatures, aren't they? I love how you describe your feline friend here :D

    Lots of love,

  7. Ooh. Lovely. :-)
    I've always been intrigued by cats. We have this petite cat that prowls around in my college. It's such a curious creature.

  8. A priceless moment..vividly described..

  9. She does look a little bit reproachful - bless her - i did wonder about the trampoline in another post you showed us.. how nice it would be to have a private space to jump around a little - I hope she forgave you and you at least got a small cuddle or purr

    1. She's pretty much non-vocal, doesn't purr – but did forgive me quickly and came in to have a big smooch. Let's just say I've had the mini-tramp (aka bouncer) a lot longer than I've had her, but she believes it is for her convenience. She lets me bounce on it sometimes.

  10. aww..it's always delightful to have a cute and intelligent companion :)

  11. Lovely dedication to your sweet feline. Yes everything belongs to them...bkm

  12. Animals have their own agendas--what a cutie she is!

  13. So lovely character...yeh, wondering if I ever will have a cat.... ~ love your phrase: 'She sits, statuesque'.

  14. She is lovely. Enjoyed reading the poem :)

  15. Everything is hers, including you. And the look on her face says that the sooner everyone understands that fact, the sooner all will be well.

    I love her posture. And your capture of it.

  16. Love that expression! ... and her white whiskers... your words capture her so very beautifully.

  17. She is beautiful and it looks like she is already letting you know she rules.

  18. Love the title - so true of coming home to a pet that has been WAITING, just for you! Smiles.

  19. look at those eyes, oh wow!
    she wants you to know who's boss. :)


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