“I always think that the best way to know God is to love many things.” ~ Vincent van Gogh

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Filling the Space

A small space in the day, 
a small space in my town,
for a Cappuccino mug
and Spanakopita slice.
As soon as I sit down –
outdoor table, with a view
of big fluffy clouds like ice-creams
and gently wavering trees –
the bikers roar past, black and shining,
helmeted like Darth Vader.

Also for the current Flash-55 Plus! at 'imaginary garden with real toads' – 55 words plus the idea of 'lacuna': a cavity or space. (I've interpreted that as time out, rather than the real meaning of something missing.)


  1. Time out is needful, and rare, in the rush of the day. You capture the need and fleeting moment very well.

  2. Space in the day,
    space in your town,
    your table space

    In wish I had a Spanakopita right now. Haven't been to a Greek restaurant for a long time. Our Saturday Morning TV food lady was making a really nice Greek salad. I learned, "No lettuce goes into a Greek salad ". I do have a box of feta cheese for my crackers.
    Now (tomorrow) I will look for a Spanakopita recipe.

  3. This has a great pacing, Rosemary--and a feel of serenity and plenty.

  4. I love the way a relaxing scene is gently described, and then interrupted with the hysterical, almost kitschy, pop culture reference at the end. It's a wonderful metaphor for the crazy that is life.

  5. Love the images. Darth Vader and ice cream is just delicious.

  6. Some like the loud roar of the bikes, not for me, and not for the kitties....we like it quiet, with our coffee.

  7. We recently experienced a marathon three day bike race that ended on our smallish downtown streets. An Australian won!! As he crossed the finish line, the ice cream cone I had held so tightly tumbled to the ground .. your poem brought it all back.

  8. You do set the scene and address the moment very well here and provide lots of description! Thanks for posting.

  9. You definitely spaced out, Rosemary! Good use of the prompt.

  10. What a wonderful scene, time for oneself to think, observe..just be.


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