“I always think that the best way to know God is to love many things.” ~ Vincent van Gogh

Monday, August 29, 2016


She gives me vegetable soup 
in a plastic box with two blue clips.
‘I’ve made it thick,’ she says.
‘You can add more water.
I just throw everything in
and hope it tastes OK.’

It’s still hot when I get back home.
It fills my big white bowl.
I don't dilute it, I eat it thick –
savouring the tastes
of carrot and spinach
and the texture of the potato.

#awakeaugust day 29

Also linking to Poets United's Poetry Pantry #317


  1. 1) I love this poem. Like super-duper big-time love it. You have a great ear. (And mouth.)
    2) I really want a big bowl of that soup. I may look for a similar recipe today; it sounds yummy.
    3) If you're sick, and being brought soup, I hope you feel much better soon. If you're just being brought soup because you have a nice friend, then awesome!

    1. 3) is the awesome option! :) (I was at her place and she gave me some to take home.)

  2. i love soup!
    i like the little details in the poem.
    3 more days to go in the challenge (but can always carry on after August). i am in too, and i haven't missed a single day yet. (touch wood!) :)

    1. In my case only two more days (due to time difference). I haven't missed either, and I'm pleased with myself. Perhaps I'll keep going forever and ever – but probably not. It's a sweet thing to do, though.

  3. I wonder if it tasted particularly good because it was given with care..that can be the best food..

  4. Nicely written... love the subject :)

  5. Oh soup can be such comfort nourishment, lovely

  6. Nothing better than thick homemade soup.

  7. I can remember such things happening so long ago. I'd like to think that they still did.

  8. Delicious! Now I'm craving thick soup. :-)

  9. Rosemary,
    This works on several levels for me...the sensuous evocation of flavors, texture, substance. And the idea that we can take things (ideas, art???) as they come, notwithstanding anyone else's ideas of proper consistency and form. Nice work.

  10. To share something like this, undiluted thick.. an amazing way as a metaphor of something more..

  11. Such a gesture of loving friendship...Appreciate your good fortune.

  12. I loved the little details. Now, I am thinking to have some soup.

  13. The gift of soup is indeed such a warm gesture. Like you, I would not dilute the soup. Thick and rich, that is the best!


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