“I always think that the best way to know God is to love many things.” ~ Vincent van Gogh

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Summer Driving in Northern Rivers

There is nowhere to stop.
This photo is just for me, 
in the camera of my mind. 

Above the mountain range, 
banks of thick, frothy clouds
echo the mountain shapes. 

I round a bend. On the hill, 
a stand of Norfolk Pine 
rises black against the sky.

(Where are you? Where are you? 
I want you here beside me, to see –
though you wander free ... 
and in tunnels of my mind.)


  1. This one spoke to me, such a lovely description of your views, and the lining as well.

  2. I am sorry, Rosemary, spellcheck struck, changing longing to lining. I was unable to edit it once it posted.

  3. Oh so lovely, the cloudscapes on the hills. I love that so much. And LOVE the dear one wandering in the tunnels of your mind.

  4. Oh, Rosemary, this is soooo good. I understand the feeling expressed so well. If only those who have left us could see the beauty as we see it. But I think they might see things even more beautiful from their perspective. I do hope (and pray) so!

  5. I always hope that those we want (but can no longer see) are watching us, sharing our living and seeing with us...

  6. Beautiful … the close ~ is stunning ~ an indelible line of poetry.

  7. They are with us Rosemary, watching and walking silently with us. I love; "frothy clouds echo the mountain shapes."❤️

  8. What a beautiful expression of grief. It's so hard to miss someone like that.


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