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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Flapping of Wings

From over the fence the dove's wings flap and whirr, then stop. Perhaps, as I came outside, the noise of my door disturbed it a moment. Perhaps, like other creatures, it was resting on this warm afternoon. I know it must be the dove, though I've only seen it once. It's a big bird, and the noise, though not loud, signals the movement of something large. No tiny bird would make such a flurry. My surroundings settle down again to still mid-afternoon.

Then an even louder flapping and whirring, and no mere dove but a brush turkey leaps from next door's fence to my roof. I get up and try to find an angle from which I can photograph it with the iPad I'm writing on. By the time I do, another has jumped to the top of the fence. They're a couple! 

The one on the roof flaps back to the fence and the two stay there a few moments, walking about, changing position, checking out the view, before hopping down into next door's yard once more.


  1. Now, those wings would make a gigantic whir!

    1. We think of them more as ground birds, but clearly they can use their wings!


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