“I always think that the best way to know God is to love many things.” ~ Vincent van Gogh

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Birth Day

My god-daughter Susie's first child
waited long in his mother's womb
or so it seemed to her, impatient to meet
face to face. His first pictures show him
robust, complete, rosy-cheeked
and utterly relaxed in his brand-new world.


  1. Moms are always ready about a week before the due date. Babies don't seem to mind staying in the comfort of the womb. Better late than too early.

    1. I might send her a copy of your comment! She was VERY fed up and impatient, but of course is simply delighted now.

  2. A new year, a new birth - new beginnings.

    1. It does seem right to balance a death in the family with a new birth. (Although it's not a blood relationship, this young woman and her parents always felt like family to Andrew and me.)


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