“I always think that the best way to know God is to love many things.” ~ Vincent van Gogh

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tree Gesture

That bare branch extends 
like a naked arm 
from its clothing of leaves,
the forked twig on the end
a thumb and pointing finger.

What does the tree want to say, 
gesticulating thus 
in graceful elegance
yet so significant?
'I am here,' it says. 'Here I am!'

'Here I am!' it says. 'I am here.'

(For Mindful Writing Day 2012)


  1. Another gem Rosemary. What vision you have.

  2. Aww, thank you! :) I hope to get a photo of this tree to include.

    1. Well, two photos as it turned out, to try and give the full effect. (But sometimes nothing beats the naked eye.)


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