“I always think that the best way to know God is to love many things.” ~ Vincent van Gogh

Monday, January 17, 2011

Catching Up

Well, we have been disconnected from the internet since 4th January (and still are, in fact, but I am using the Neighbourhood Centre access).

I've been finding and polishing my small stones every day, so here now are a whole lot at once!

The child at the concert ...

The child at the concert
lifts up her arms and plays
a violin made of air.
Her expression is very serious.



Because I have a reason now
to want to recall my dreams
I begin to recall them
more each day.

First fragments
then whole scenarios
remain with me at morning
gifts from the depths of my mind.


At nearly 82 ...

At nearly 82
he is reading a book on fairies,
on real encounters with fairies.

He looks up,
smiling with dancing eyes.
Later he sleeps like a baby.



The singer sings of love
to the man on stage beside her.

‘He can hack it,’ she says,
as he feigns embarrassment,
‘He’s a Leo.’ And they laugh.

For a moment my eyes fill with tears
in memory of another Leo man.


Wet Weather

On this grey day
the sky outside
shrinks in close,
while here inside
the light expands.



Rain keeps falling.
No respite.
A bell in the wind:
my chimes by the front door
strike a cheerful note.



On the ramp at the shopping centre
a stranger meets my eyes and smiles,
lifting her gaze from the pentacle I wear
around my neck, with a quick little nod.



On the high side of the hill,
although my herb garden is a jungle
and the lawn squelches underfoot,
this home is still the sanctuary
that so many others were not.


Wet Season

I notice the recurring mould prefers
(as I do) untreated leather and wood.
So living organisms flourish best
in natural environments. Is this always good?


(Today I was presented with more than one small stone)

Stopped at the pedestrian crossing,
we watch a woman pushing a shopping trolley
with two joyous puppies bouncing inside it
alongside her handbag and parcels.
The mother dog walks beside her on a leash.
What trust these dogs must have in this woman!


‘Oh Lord,’ I mutter, stuck behind slow people
at the entrance to the ramp in the shopping centre.
Some are fat, some sick, some elderly.

Then I decide to be glad that I can still,
despite my 71 years, overweight and arthritic legs,
move up that ramp quickly, straight-backed.


Strutting across the road,
an obese magpie.
Must be good worming,
after all this rain.


What is that rooster doing,
crowing so loud
in my neighbour’s yard
in the overcast middle of the day?


At Home

Warble of a magpie somewhere near,
a sunny streetscape after long rains
and nowhere to go this lazy Saturday,
nothing to do but be here, sweet here.



The red poinsettia
draws all focus
to that one point
of my green garden.


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  1. Thank goodness you've found a way! I too have lost internet function on my personal laptop so am using my work one. I also bought a 10" ACER, it's so light! But I haven't set it up fully yet. Anyway, loved all your stuff and looking forward to more :-)


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